How to nail the “Dressed Down” look this Winter

Let’s talk about how that sweatpants and T-shirt look that used to feel like wearing PJ’s can look pretty cool when you know how to style it. Dressing down works in your favour because these things are what you tend to grab first in winter because they’re just plain comfy. You’ll have that minimalist look down without having to try too hard. We’ve all heard the phrase “less is more”, right? Well, keep this in mind when you buy your next item of clothing. Quality over quantity is what I like to live by. When you spend a little more on a better quality item, you tend to look after it more, and find opportunities to wear it as much as you can. A pair of sweatpants rolled at the cuff, with a simple vest and tennies, perhaps even a pair of high socks if you feel daring, will not only keep you crazy comfy this winter, but it’s a trend that gives you that luxe sports leisure look without putting in much effort at all.

My top tips for “Less is More” dressing

 Invest in good quality basics: You can never go wrong with things like a simple white tee, oversized white shirt, classic well fitted jeans and a blazer in your neutral colours. Your classics will help you to create different looks by teaming up, layering and styling with different accessories. 
Keep it simple: Don’t overthink it. The minimalist look will always be a classic, and sometimes, all it takes is a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to make a fashion statement. Try adding a luxe handbag or belt to finish the look. 
Add a statement piece: Having a luxe accessory adds an edgy touch to a simple outfit, like a leather belt or handbag, so let that be your hero piece and shine if you like to be a little extra in your life, but still want to try this. 
Try tonal sets: Tonal dressing is a great way to add some luxe to your look. You can go with the classic white on white / black on black sets, or even another colour. I recommend staying with neutrals, or muted colours for tonal dressing if you want to keep it casual and timeless.

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